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Blue Coast Bitters was established in 2022 in Sarnia, Ontario. Our mission is to produce and share exceptional bitters while creating a business that celebrates the richness of Canadian life along this southern portion of Canada known as Ontario's Blue Coast.

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What are Bitters?

Bitters are aromatic, alcohol-based infusions of botanicals and flavouring agents like fruit peels, spices, dried flowers, herbs and dried roots. Bitters are classified as a flavour enhancer, you could think of them as seasoning for your cocktail. Bitters are sold in small bottles and are administered in drops or dashes to add flavour and complexity to cocktails. They can intensify the flavour of other ingredients, decrease the harshness of the spirits/alcohol in your cocktail and round out an overly sweet beverage. Bitters can also help to cleanse the palate and aid in digestion.

What Are Bitters Used For?

Bitters can be used for so much more than flavouring for your cocktails.

Historically, bitters were used for medicinal purposes to improve digestion, help with indigestion and to flush toxins from the body. The stimulation of the natural receptors in not only our mouth and tongue, but also our stomach, gut, liver and pancreas can lead to better absorbtion of nutrients, natural detoxification of the liver and can even have a positive effect on stress.

Today bitters are most commonly used in cocktails, but can also liven up your sparkling water, tea, coffee, kombucha and even used to enhance the flavour of a beer. Bitters can also be a great substitute for vanilla extract in your favourite recipes.

Check out our Recipes page for inspiration and ideas.

Our Bitters

At Blue Coast Bitters, we craft our bitters in small batches to ensure a quality profile of flavour and aromatics. We use all natural ingredients, which are infused in a pure spirits base. No artificial ingredients, preservatives, GMO's, fragrances or colours. Our ingredients are sourced or foraged locally, when possible.

Our bitters are handmade from start to finish, this includes production, bottling, labeling, capping and packaging. Our commitment to craft is in every bottle we produce.

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