About Us

Blue Coast Bitters was established in 2022 in Sarnia, Ontario. Our mission is to produce and share exceptional bitters while creating a business that celebrates the richness of Canadian life along this southern portion of Canada known as Ontario's Blue Coast.

We’re Sandra and Jamie, the couple behind Blue Coast Bitters. Our long-time interest in touring wineries, distilleries and breweries helped introduce us to the world of cocktail bitters. The craft alcohol industry has been experiencing a boom over the past decade, fueled by customers growing desire for better quality and unique products. After many years of experimenting and creating our own recipes, we finally decided it was time to share our love of bitters with everyone.

We want to show others how bitters can help elevate your cocktail experience. Bitters add flavour and complexity to cocktails, they can intensify the flavour of other ingredients, decrease the harshness of the spirits/alcohol in your cocktail and round out an overly sweet beverage.

Our time spent experimenting with test batches and tastings, has led us to create some truly exceptional bitters. What began as a fun hobby for us, has grown into a passion. Our bitters are personally hand crafted from start to finish, including all production, bottling, sales and distribution. This allows us to ensure our commitment to the very best quality of every bottle sold.

We grew up living life along the shores of Lake Huron. We wanted our brand to highlight our life long affinity for the beautiful beaches and the great outdoors that this southern portion of Canada has to offer. We also wanted a logo that embodied this.

Our initial five flavours are what we feel our some of our best, but also staples of the cocktail industry. We also want to showcase some of the unique ingredients found in this part of Canada in many of our bitters,
including our Lake Fever Lavender and Northern Attitude bitters; plus many more flavours we have planned for future releases.

Blue Coast Bitters is dedicated to creating high quality, delicious bitters that will add a flavour burst to your beverage.